Philip Stein: Live in Perfect Time

Life without purpose is merely an existence. Throughout our evolution, human efforts have been aimed towards more than just survival. We dream, learn, create, cultivate, co-exist, and pass on our legacy to the next generation.

The classic watch, originally created to keep track of time, has also developed over the years. Today, it is a piece of art on your wrist, revolutionized even further by Philip Stein’s technology.

Like the gears of a timepiece, humans also follow a rhythm of life ¬— a balance of energy, movement, and control that results to precision and perfect timing. It is important to take care of our health, keep focused, and set our different aspirations, roles, and responsibilities in perfect time. Philip Stein understands our need to balance our lives. Living in perfect time is a rendering of its brand philosophy Live in Tune.

Lea in Perfect Time

Lea Salonga is not only an endorser of Philip Stein, but also a co-designer and the inspiration of The Legacy Collection. Internationally acclaimed performer, advocate for awareness on women’s health, and loving wife and mother, her legacy continues to inspire women who are passionate in their calling and have a deep love for their family, at the same time a sense of balance and wellbeing. Lea’s life and accomplishments are an exhilarating example of perfect timing.

The Legacy Petite

Exemplifying life in perfect time, Lea dons The Legacy Petite on her wrist in the new Philip Stein campaign. To broaden the selection of The Legacy Collection, Philip Stein offers it in the same signature dual time zone exterior, but in a mini oval case, hence the name Legacy Petite.

Philip Stein’s iconic design goes beyond aesthetics. As with the brand’s various accessories, the Natural Frequency Technology™ embedded in The Legacy Petite harnesses low frequency electromagnetic waves that are discovered to be beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

By channeling the earth’s natural frequencies, the wearer of Philip Stein is able to focus and balance different components of her life and live in perfect time.